Garage Door Maintenance

If your garage door experiences any lag of sorts due to either defective parts or lubrication issues, take advantage of our maintenance service.

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Most households have garages, and consequently – garage doors. These large mechanisms require the proper attention in order to perform safely and reliable. Neglected or unattended doors will eventually experience various malfunctions, from loud grinding or screeching sounds to the entire door getting stuck midway. In order to avoid these kinds of "surprises", you can take the preventative measure of having the door professionally maintained.Garage Door Maintenance

Maintenance & Lubrication

If you notice your door is shaky, too slow, noisy, or gets occaisionally stuck – Garage Door Repair Cumming are at your service to get it back in shape. This is where lubrication maintenance comes in. Many of the moving parts of the door will wear as a result of the constant friction. Lubricating these parts, for example the rollers, could help a great deal when it comes to making your door quieter and smoother.

Safety Checks During Maintenance

Our team will also perform the necessary safety checks (sensors and reverse mechanisms), in order to make sure the door is up to current safety standards.The test is done by placing an object in the door's path while it closes. A functioning reverse mechanism would cause the door to reverse instantly if it touches anything before the floor limit.The sensors are examined in a different manner. As they are located on both sides of the door, we will interrupt the beam and make sure the door reverses accordingly. Both of these mechanisms must be fully functional for you, to be considered safe and approved to use.

Lastly, you should know our team is always ready to replace any worn, broken, or on the brink of breaking part. That includes the springs, cables, rollers, and any part that will hinder the performance of your door if broken.

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